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New Skin Laser Studio offers affordable medical-grade treatments with visible results and little to no downtime. Cutting-edge laser technology has revolutionized the skincare industry. We have continued to rapidly grow from 2018 until now, regardless of the COVID pandemic slowdowns and closures. We're currently expanding our flagship store to a larger location to accommodate our growth needs.

New Skin Laser Studio specializes
in advanced non-surgical, pain-free and results driven derma skin care.

New Skin Laser Studio specializes in advanced non-surgical, pain-free and results driven derma skin care. Our skin treatments are medical-grade. We use the most sophisticated medical-grade laser technology to stimulate desired skin cell reactions that transform skin from within. We treat the face and the body. We specialize in safely treating all skin colours or ethnicities.

New Skin Laser Studio that specializes in advanced non-surgical, pain-free and results driven derma skin care to treat the face and the body.
Our certified technicians have over 18+ years of combined industry experience that helps us in bridging the gap between dermatologists and spas across the nation. At New Skin Laser Studio, we provide a welcoming atmosphere to make each and every customer feel comfortable and confident with us. We are driven to bring quality results-driven derma skin care to communities across Canada. Get some skin in the game with our franchise opportunity. As a part of the New Skin Laser Studio family, you have access to a proven business model and support team to assist you with each step of your journey. We are a rapidly growing company with the perfect opportunity for you to become your own boss. Transform your life and spread our mission to build confidence and achieve customer satisfaction with sophisticated treatments from your very own New Skin Laser Studio location today.
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About New Skin Laser Studio
Ten years ago, Sonya Morris founded New Skin Laser Studio with a dream to provide trustworthy, results-driven skincare solutions. As a fully certified Medical Esthetics Technician for over ten years, she was no stranger to skincare treatments and their positive affect on her customers’ health, confidence, and well-being.
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When New Skin Laser Studio
opened its doors
It offered extensive treatments that were non-invasive, pain-free, and safe for all skin types. These treatments use sophisticated lasers that require no downtime, which means customers can head back to work or regular activity immediately after their visit. These practices revolutionized the skincare industry, and New Skin Laser Studio began rapidly growing. With an emphasis on customer satisfaction, updated technology, and educated, certified technicians, Sonya was able to TRIPLE New Skin Laser Studio’s sales in 2 years.
Through the company’s franchising
efforts and ongoing industry research
New Skin Laser Studio focuses on how to exceed industry standards and provide customers with affordable treatments that work. By spreading positive messages of self-care and confidence, our technicians and staff members also meet the demands of all ethnicities and skin types. When you come to New Skin Laser Studio, you can trust that you are in good hands.
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Why Invest in a New Skin Laser Studio?
An investment in New Skin Laser Studio can transform your life.
We Look Deeper. Our advanced treatments and innovative equipment offer medical-grade results at affordable prices. We offer unique services to meet the needs of all skin types and concerns.
We Create a Unique Atmosphere. We provide a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere sure to comfort your mind as you receive state-of-the-art, medical-grade derma skin care treatments with proven results.
We are Rapidly Growing. Our company continues to expand and grow, spreading the importance of self-care and confidence across the nation. An investment in your New Skin Laser Studio provides great earning potential.
We Offer Less Risk. Investing in an established brand with a proven business model removes the risk from your investment. New Skin Laser Studio has the technology, marketing, and operations in place to help you achieve success.
We Build Relationships. Dedicated technicians work to achieve customer satisfaction, and our sophisticated technology offers visible results. With this combination, customers keep coming back for more. This creates a lifelong customer and recurring revenue stream.
We Support Our Franchisees. Our Franchisees receive full support through training, operations, marketing, and accounting. When you partner with us, we set you up for success from the very first day with access to our training resources, marketing materials, and proven business model.
We Offer a Turnkey Business. We have worked through many trial-and-errors to ensure that our Franchisees have all the tools and resources to be successful quickly and on an on-going basis.
Are You Prepared to Own a New Skin Laser Studio?
Adequate credit score of at least 680
30% equity in the loan
Net worth of at least $500,000

Liquid cash assets of roughly $500,000

Estimated initial investment of between $500,000 to $700,000

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Is The New Skin Laser Studio
Franchise Right for You?
Customer Service Skills
Sales Background

Motivation to Learn

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Are you ready to transform your life and
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