Dip and Devour New Loaded Dippers!

You have likely heard people use this word before. Maybe you’ve even been called “hangry” yourself at some point!

But what does it mean to be hangry?

Basically, you are not actually mad at anything. Instead, you’re just sooo hungry that your brain thinks you’re angry. Like a toddler who is exhausted and throwing a tantrum but then screams they aren’t even tired when someone suggests a nap. Essentially, being hangry is the adult version of a temper tantrum.

Don’t worry though, Loaded Pierogi has a cure!

6 Signs You Need Food ASAP

  1. You literally cannot stop thinking about food.

  2. You are yelling and no one else is yelling.

  3. Nobody understands the problem that is causing your anger.

  4. Everyone avoids eye contact. They don’t want to talk to you, grumpy pants.

  5. Every little thing is driving you nuts. You are mad at the world, your family, your friends, some random guy driving a lowered hatchback with under-glow and an obnoxiously loud exhaust…You get the idea.

The Best Way to Cure Being Hangry? Loaded Pierogi

The good news is, Loaded Pierogi has got your back. And you don’t even need to talk to a real human if you don’t want to – online ordering makes curing a hangry episode easier than ever!

Anything on our menu will do the trick. It’s huge. Plus, customers can completely customize their pierogies with unlimited toppings. If you need some help deciding (since we know being hangry means you are basically just a giant toddler right now!) here are some recommendations.

Bacon, Sauerkraut & “Oh Yeah” Bacon

Classic, flawless, can’t mess it up combinations like this don’t come along often. We make our own sauerkraut and load this dish with both centre cut and double smoked bacon, caramelized onions, cheddar cheese and green onions. You’re covered for extra protein, starch, and even a taste of vegetables… everything you need to make “hanger” disappear.

Get Cheesy

Vegetarians get hangry too. Feel happier with this dish of cheese-filled pierogi goodness, which includes cheddar, mozzarella, habanero cheddar and goat cheese. Don’t forget the caramelized onions and green onions. Mmm…

Honey Sriracha Chicken

Find yourself getting spicy with people for no reason? Ditch the saucy attitude with our roasted chicken that’s been tossed in sweet and spicy siracha honey sauce, habanero cheddar, caramelized onions, crispy jalapenos and creamy garlic siracha. Add in green onions for good measure. This will put the spice back where it belongs – in the food – and bring a sigh of relief to everyone dealing with your bad attitude!

What are you waiting for?

Don’t pick a fight with us on this one… sit down, be quiet, and eat something. You will feel better, we promise. Get Loaded.

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